Times when I had to go to the hospital

1) My family was going out to frozen yogurt. We all got 2 different flavor a and several different toppings. My family specifically told the people working there that I had a peanut and nut allergy, and that we needed to see what was safe. They told us what was safe and said that it had not been cross-contaminated. We ate our frozen yogurts and then went home without anything bad happening. When we got home, hives had started to appear on my face. We didn’t think that anything was really wrong.
Later that night, I went down to my parents room and told them that I had a shortage of breath. When I could not breathe at all, we called the ambulance. I got medicine in the truck. We got to the hospital and the nurse told my family to sit down. We got checked in and I got seen right away. I was put in a hospital room and told to wait for a doctor. Apparently I had eaten something where a nut was in it or had touched the same equipment. We figured out that my allergy had come from the frozen yogurt place. We believe that either a nut had crossed paths with a topping that I chose, or there was a nut frozen yogurt in the same machine as the flavor that I got.
I ended up staying in the hospital for three days and two nights.

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