When you go to a restaurant, sometimes the waiter can or cannot be understanding about your allergy. I went to breakfast place once at a hotel. When our waiter came, we told him about my allergy. I asked if what I was ordering was safe for me to eat. The waiter said, “I don’t think that there are any nuts in what you ordered.” When a waiter or whoever is serving you says something like that, you should make sure that you talk to the manager, the head chef, or whoever is available to talk to that really knows the food and the kitchen really well.

Another moment where I came close to eating a nut was when I went to an ice cream parlor. I had ordered a special type of ice cream with sprinkles, whipped cream, and a cherry. When I dug into my ice cream, I found a small, round object laying there with some sprinkles around it. I told my mom, and she told me that it was actually a nut! We figured out that the nut had somehow made its way into the sprinkles jar. So when I ordered the sprinkles, a nut had ended up in my ice cream.

One Saturday, my family decided to go to a baseball game. We had already reserved seats and were about to sit down, when we noticed that there were peanuts on the ground and the people who were sitting next to us were eating peanuts. We went to the person that was directing people where to go. We asked if there was any place available that we could sit down and watch the game without having to worry about nuts. The person directed us towards a special room where we could sit down and enjoy the game.

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