Whenever I have a sleepover, I have to bring certain things in order to make sure that I have a good time and everything runs smoothly. Before I ever go to a sleepover, I always have to let the hosts know about what I am allergic to. I bring my epipen with me just in case I come into contact with a nut. If the people that are hosting the sleepover have anything with peanut butter in it, I normally stay clear from it and not get close to any peanuts or nuts that they might have.
Sometimes when I go over to my friends house, I don’t know what is in the food for breakfast, dinner, ect. I have to ask what is in the meal before I eat or touch my food. I cannot be afraid to ask what is in the food that I am eating because if I don’t, it could be life threatening. If the host is not sure of what is in my food, I either ask to read the ingredients or I ask if I could maybe have something else since I am not sure if what is in front of me is safe. Same thing goes for all desserts.
Lastly, if my friends have eaten something with peanuts or nuts in it, I ask them to please wash their hands so that nothing bad could possibly happen.

5 thoughts on “Sleepovers

  1. Both of my children (14 and 7) have nut allergies so we can definitely relate. Thank you for doing your part to heighten awareness about these health/safety issues, especially in children. You’re a courageous young woman. Sharing your experiences will surely help others.


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