Body products

Most people don’t even think about what body products are made out of. However, some products are made of nut oils or they aren’t made with nuts but they do smell of nuts. Whenever I go into a store that sells body products, I have to ask what is safe and what is not. There are some stores that do not use nut oils, and those are the stores that I am more comfortable in. If I do not know what is in a product that I have not used before, then I ask someone that works there. Sometimes body products do not always list the ingredients that made up the body lotion, soap, body butter, ect. If the person that works there is unsure, I tend to go to another store where I know what body products are safe. Even though it is not food, I still have to be careful and I still have to ask about the ingredients.

Breakfasts at hotels

Whenever my family and I go to a hotel, we normally go to the breakfast buffet that comes along with the hotel. However, I have to ask what is in the food that they are serving. Sometimes the people that work there have rich accents, or they speak another language. If that is the case, I tend to ask someone else that might know the kitchen and speaks the same language as me. Though it may seem rude to ask somebody else, it is important that you talk to someone that knows the kitchen, knows what you are talking about, and speaks the same language as you. That way you can make sure that what you are going to be eating for breakfast will be safe for you to eat!


Whenever I have a sleepover, I have to bring certain things in order to make sure that I have a good time and everything runs smoothly. Before I ever go to a sleepover, I always have to let the hosts know about what I am allergic to. I bring my epipen with me just in case I come into contact with a nut. If the people that are hosting the sleepover have anything with peanut butter in it, I normally stay clear from it and not get close to any peanuts or nuts that they might have.
Sometimes when I go over to my friends house, I don’t know what is in the food for breakfast, dinner, ect. I have to ask what is in the meal before I eat or touch my food. I cannot be afraid to ask what is in the food that I am eating because if I don’t, it could be life threatening. If the host is not sure of what is in my food, I either ask to read the ingredients or I ask if I could maybe have something else since I am not sure if what is in front of me is safe. Same thing goes for all desserts.
Lastly, if my friends have eaten something with peanuts or nuts in it, I ask them to please wash their hands so that nothing bad could possibly happen.

Times when I had to go to the hospital

1) My family was going out to frozen yogurt. We all got 2 different flavor a and several different toppings. My family specifically told the people working there that I had a peanut and nut allergy, and that we needed to see what was safe. They told us what was safe and said that it had not been cross-contaminated. We ate our frozen yogurts and then went home without anything bad happening. When we got home, hives had started to appear on my face. We didn’t think that anything was really wrong.
Later that night, I went down to my parents room and told them that I had a shortage of breath. When I could not breathe at all, we called the ambulance. I got medicine in the truck. We got to the hospital and the nurse told my family to sit down. We got checked in and I got seen right away. I was put in a hospital room and told to wait for a doctor. Apparently I had eaten something where a nut was in it or had touched the same equipment. We figured out that my allergy had come from the frozen yogurt place. We believe that either a nut had crossed paths with a topping that I chose, or there was a nut frozen yogurt in the same machine as the flavor that I got.
I ended up staying in the hospital for three days and two nights.


When you go to a restaurant, sometimes the waiter can or cannot be understanding about your allergy. I went to breakfast place once at a hotel. When our waiter came, we told him about my allergy. I asked if what I was ordering was safe for me to eat. The waiter said, “I don’t think that there are any nuts in what you ordered.” When a waiter or whoever is serving you says something like that, you should make sure that you talk to the manager, the head chef, or whoever is available to talk to that really knows the food and the kitchen really well.

Another moment where I came close to eating a nut was when I went to an ice cream parlor. I had ordered a special type of ice cream with sprinkles, whipped cream, and a cherry. When I dug into my ice cream, I found a small, round object laying there with some sprinkles around it. I told my mom, and she told me that it was actually a nut! We figured out that the nut had somehow made its way into the sprinkles jar. So when I ordered the sprinkles, a nut had ended up in my ice cream.

One Saturday, my family decided to go to a baseball game. We had already reserved seats and were about to sit down, when we noticed that there were peanuts on the ground and the people who were sitting next to us were eating peanuts. We went to the person that was directing people where to go. We asked if there was any place available that we could sit down and watch the game without having to worry about nuts. The person directed us towards a special room where we could sit down and enjoy the game.


Having an allergic reaction for the first time can be really scary. Especially if you have no idea why you are having
one. Here are few tips for things that you should in order to prevent yourself from have an allergic reaction:
1) Get Allergy Tested
If you are concerned about having an allergy, you should get allergy tested. There are a couple of different main allergies that people tend to have.
2) Always Be Aware
If you get allergy tested and you are negative for everything, still be aware that there might be a chance that you can still have an allergy to what you were tested on. It happened to me. I got tested for tree nuts and peanuts, and the allergy test said that I had outgrown my allergy (I was allergic before). Later, I ate a walnut and immediately had a reaction to it. I had to be rushed to the hospital. Never let your guard down, because you never really know if you will be allergic to something or not.
3) Always carry an Epi-pen
Epi-pens are a type of shot that can stop an allergic reaction. If you have an allergy, I recommend that you carry an Epi-pen with you wherever you go.